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Web Design In Kentucky

We are a leader in website design and administration of websites for businesses in Greater Cincinnati tri-state area. We serve Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana′s website and design needs. If you need a website for your business, or orginization we can help! Our staff offers cutting edge code and integration of current trends with Blogs, and Content Management. We also offer Newsletter functionatliy for your business!

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Hardware, Computers, Servers, Your Network

helpdesk We also can build, repair, survey, document, maintain, and administer your systems for you. Our staff is trained with all versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac support. Allow us to come out and survey your systems and recommend areas that could benifit from an upgrade. We can also secure your network and allow you to remotely control your computers. We partner with online backup solutions and AMD for chips on all of our BrainFreeze™ pc′s and BrainStorm™ servers. Let us help you build what you have in mind.


Quality Website Design + Dependable Hardware + Affordable Support = Mind Imaging



Welcome to our newly redesigned website! We have spent a lot of time and effort to revamp our website. Where possible, we have implemented several changes that are centered around HTML5. Numerous changes have also gone in to implement non-HTML5 compatible websites with a version that is appealing to the eye, and still maintain some sense of function for the site. We enjoyed learning the new HTML5 features and implementing them in tandem with JQuery and other newer features this site now uses.




We wanted to provide a look with this site that allowed us to showcase features for our clients to use on their websites. After all that is what we do here at Mind Imaging. Help businesses with website design, function, and also Networks and Server, and computers.  Our goal is to help companies with their IT needs.

We hope you enjoy our new site, we enjoyed making it.

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About Mind Imaging

Client Does your site need to be updated? Mind Imaging can optimize your site for SEO or spruce up your company site, make it look modern using the most up to date technologies available. We offer soltuions tailored for your needs. If your needing someone to update content on your site or handle your online presence. Do you need a google map added to your site? do you want to see how people access your site, what they type in for keywords to access your site? Let us help you to drive people to your site.

Web Design LogoWe started making websites for people back in 2002 and have grown into a small business website and IT solution provider. Over the course of the past years we have added several new items such as graphic design and staffing solutions. All of our offerings are based on the idea that businesses need to focus on what they are good at and leave the techy stuff to us.We offer great solutions to all manner of information technology questions and challenges. Mind imaging has a certified staff of professionals who are very capable of providing the information technology that your company needs to grow and prosper. Let Mind imaging professionals recommend and then implement a strategy that will work now and for years to come!